Display of AQ Cloud application interface of cloud AI platform designed by Aqrose Technology

AQ Cloud

Providing centralized training and reasoning for AI models, cloud data storage and other services to solve the problem of batch scenarios.
Display of AQCV application interface of Traditional Vision Algorithm Library designed by Aqrose Technology


Aqrose‘s computer vision library, supporting various applications, such as traditional measurement and inspection, it can be used with AIDI.
Display of ARS software application interface of Artificial Intelligent Defect Inspection System designed by Aqrose Technology


Re-assess and analyze the testing results of traditional AVI/AOI equipment to realize process traceability.


AI vision for appearance Inspection of printed circuit boards

Appearance Inspection

Use AI detection technology to accurately identify the defects on the surface of the products to achieve effective product quality control.

AI vision for defect classification of printed matter

Defect Classification

Use AI classification algorithms to accurately classify the defects to achieve process correlation and yield improvement.

AI vision for assembly verification of engine parts

Assembly Verification

Quickly detect multiple types of components and verify the assembly of various original parts to achieve real-time monitor over the quality of product shipments.

AI vision for electronic component presence detection

Presence Detection

Detect if parts and components are missing in the production process to confirm the integrity of product assembly.

AI vision is used for classification and grading of agricultural products jujube


Intelligently identify and analyze surface morphology of agricultural products to categorize and grade according to the extracted features.

AI Vision for optical character recognition (OCR) of food packaging labels


Use AI technology to recognize various character barcodes, which greatly improves the recognition accuracy in complex scenarios.

Core Advantages

  • Team Advantage
    The core team originates from AI Laboratory of Tsinghua University, with 70% of team members owning a master’s or doctorate degree.
    The experienced team for project service tracks and guides the implementation and deployment of the project throughout the process.
  • Product Advantages
    The first standardized product for complex defect detection in China that is put into mass practical use.
    Rank TOP1 in terms of the number of industrial AI vision software platforms put in practical use and the industry coverage.
  • Practical Implementation and Deployment
    Over 200 factories in the industry with over 50 benchmark companies.
    Boasting a large number of practical implementations in consumer electronics, automobiles, new energy, food, medical and other fields.
  • Honorary Awards
    Technologically Advanced "Little Giant" Enterprise in Beijing. Technologically Advanced Enterprise. National High-tech Enterprise.
    The only special award granted by VisionChina, the most authoritative in the domestic industrial vision field.