Aqrose Technology won the VSDC Innovators Awards 2021


VisionCon2021 (Vision Systems Design Shanghai Conference) was successfully concluded on November 19 at JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Changfeng Park! Beijing Aqrose Technology Inc. won the first "VSDC Innovators Awards 2021" - Silver Award with its "Industrial AI Vision Software Platform - AIDI Version V2.1"!

The Innovators Awards, organized by Vision Systems Design, has been a prestigious event overseas for many years, recognizing companies in the machine vision industry that have demonstrated excellence in their products or technologies, applications or research and development. Vision Systems Design brought this event to China in 2021, taking the previous year's Innovators Awards as a model and combining it with the actual development status of the machine vision industry in China to launch the first "VSDC Innovators Awards 2021" for companies and products in the machine vision industry at home and abroad, aiming to create a stage for the industry's high-quality enterprises and products for showcase, build a platform for upstream, midstream and downstream communication, and bring an annual visual product feast to the industry.

In this year's Visual Systems Designs Innovation Awards, the expert jury scored the shortlisted products and assessed each award according to three major selection rules: technical innovativeness, market competitiveness and product foresight. In such a professional, rigorous and fair evaluation, Aqrose Technology won its first "VSDC Innovators Awards 2021" - Silver Award!

The industrial AI vision software platform - AIDI is an intelligent industrial vision platform software based on deep learning, integrating labeling, training and model tuning for solving complex defect pinpointing, inspection, classification and other problems, and is suitable for various complex application scenarios with strong compatibility.

The software mainly consists of four core functional modules such as pinpointing, segmentation, inspection and classification with an OCR character recognition toolkit.

AIDI will help you achieve:

Location: finding and locating single or multiple targets in an image. Capable for fast and accurate pinpointing of the to-be-inspected target in complex scenarios with diverse targets, complex backgrounds, and diverse postures, and can be used to pre-process images to find the to-be-inspected target.

Segmentation: providing precise defects detection (especially small ones) based on pixel-level analysis techniques. Suitable for detecting small appearance defects on the product surface, such as scratches, knocks, cracks, etc., and for obtaining the information on the size of the defect, making it the most used defect detection tool.

Inspection: detecting the presence or absence of the targets and classifying them, allowing for the detection of multiple types of defects or small targets with block characteristics. For example, with syringes, AIDI is able to accurately detect the presence of needles, syringe barrels and black plunger seal in each syringe package, even though the posture and angle of each product varies; AIDI requires less product consistency for the inspection.

Classification: determining the category to which the whole image belongs, commonly used to classify defects and products into selected classes.

OCR: for fast and accurate recognition and reading of character information for products or components in complex scenarios.

Winning this Innovation Award is not only an expression of the professional judges' recognition of Arqose Technology's industrial AI vision software platform - AIDI, but also proof that AIDI is widely recognized by customers. In the future, Aqrose Technology will continue to provide better and more comprehensive services for our customers and devote itself to building the world's leading industrial AI platform!

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