New Product Launch|Aqrose Technology [AQ Cloud-ES 1.0] online debut!


Product description

AQ Cloud is a series of intelligent visual quality inspection private cloud products for the batch production line. With deep learning technology and cloud technology, it provides AI model acquisition, centralized management of computing power, data cloud storage, equipment cloud management, quality data management and other capabilities.

AQ Cloud-ES is a privately deployed edge-side AI server system. AQ Cloud-ES is highly synergistic with AIDI software platform, providing cloud training of AIDI engineering, data cloud storage and centralized management capability of equipment, personnel, and data for batch deployment scenarios to address the problem of multi-person and multi-device collaboration for Al landing.

Product features

1. Address the training arithmetic configuration problem

Centralized training resources with multi-device sharing

Automatic optimal allocation of resources

2. Address the engineering management issue

Centralized data storage

Project version management

Operation log

3. Reduce data problems caused by personnel errors

User management

Permission management

Data backup and retrieval

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