Good News|Aqrose Technology was awarded as "Small Giant" Enterprise of Beijing


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of Beijing "Small Giant" of Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative enterprises for the year 2021, and Beijing Aqrose Robotics Technology Co. has been selected!

After being selected as one of the "Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative" SMEs in Beijing in 2021, Aqrose Technology was successfully named as one of Beijing’s Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative "Small Giant" enterprises, which is a high recognition and acknowledgment of its comprehensive strength of innovation, influence and continuous AI vision solutions for the industrial sector.

What is the Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative "Small Giant"?

"Specialized" means specialization and specialized technology

"Excellent" means the exquisiteness of the product, the depth of the process and technology, and the excellence of the enterprise management

"Featured" means the uniqueness and specialization of products or services

"Innovative" means independent innovation, model innovation and novelty

Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative "Small Giant" enterprises are the best of Specialized, Excellent, Featured, and Innovative SMEs, which are the leading enterprises focusing on market segments, with strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering crucial core technologies with excellent product quality and efficiency, and are the important force to promote economic and social development!

What does Aqrose Technology rely on?

Founded in 2017, Aqrose Technology originated from Tsinghua University's Artificial Intelligence Lab and focuses on the application of leading AI, machine vision, Big Data and other technologies to industry to address complex industrial inspection problems. Its industrial AI vision inspection software platform AIDI, quality inspection cloud platform AQ Cloud, embedded AI series products EVS and vertical industry AI solutions have been deployed in hundreds of factories, including dozens of advanced manufacturing benchmark companies, have been launched and, have become the leader of industrial AI platforms in China. At present, the company has more than 300 employees with 70% of the core team having master's and doctoral degrees, with 71 intellectual property rights, 30+ patents (including patents in the trial stage), and 33 software copyrights. The team has been working in the AI direction, especially in the field of image recognition for many years and has won a series of awards in international image analysis competitions.

Since its establishment in 2017, Aqrose Technology has been committed to building a leading industrial AI vision platform. AIDI (Artificial Intelligent defect detection), an industrial AI vision inspection software platform developed by Aqrose Technology, is an industrial vision AI platform based on deep learning, which empowers a wide range of industrial applications, effectively addressing problems such as pinpointing recognition, classification, and character recognition of complex defects, with strong compatibility. AIDI has a wide range of built-in application modules that require no programming and help users quickly build and iterate models to meet the differentiated needs of different business scenarios, helping the industry upgrade intelligently.

In the future, Aqrose Technology will give full play to its role of a Specialized, Excellent, Featured and Innovative "Small Giant" enterprise and continue to make efforts to provide better products and industry solutions to become the most industry-savvy AI algorithm and product team and bring AI to millions of factories.

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