• 1.Is AIDI a standardized product?

    AIDI is a standardized product with strong versatility. It can directly perform sample labeling, training and testing on the image samples provided by users. Moreover, technicians can customize the solution on the basis of products according to the special needs in different industries.

  • 2.What are the advantages of AIDI over other software?

    Its algorithm is fast. The required sample size is small and a small number of defect samples suffices to train the model. With unsupervised learning supported, even purely positive sample data can be used to train the model. The detection accuracy is high, and even small defects can be accurately identified.

  • 3.Are there any limitations on image format?

    The image format is not limited. Both 2D and 3D images are supported and basically all image formats are supported, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.

  • 4.What type of graphics cards does AIDI support?

    At present, it can support discrete graphics cards with NVIDIA computing power above 6.0 (sm60).